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What if you could eat feathers?

2.3 million tonnes of Chicken Feather are thrown away each year in the EU. What if this could be food?

Researcher and designer Sorawut has discovered a way of extracting protein from chicken feathers and turning it into an edible "meat-like" product.

This project went viral, with media posts from CNN, Reuters, Nas Daily and many more.

Kera is the continuation of this project where "feather meat" is finally brought to the public.

Kera has perfected its recipe and may be coming to a restaurant near you. Would you have feather meat on the menu?

ZERO-Waste Movement

Introducing Kera could potentially contribute to a sense of social belonging and cultural identity. Practicing edible feathers may pioneer a food culture that symbolises self-development, sacrifice, bravery, visionary, and showing empathetic responses to the world. It could be a new food culture that expresses its belief and what it stands for.

“ Experience and social

influence could manipulate

the level of neophobia.”

Hendy, H.M. and Raudenbush, B. (2000).
Effectiveness of teacher modelling to encourage food acceptance in preschool children.

Kera wants to contribute to the Zero-Waste movement.


Kera wants to show how innovative and sustainable ideas can also be delicious.


Kera wants to inspire a new community through proving that Zero-Waste is possible.

Re-brand novel foods


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