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A Better Meat

Kera have developed a technique of using protein extracted from chicken feathers to create high-quality meat-like product. The product has been designed specifically to be more nutritious and more delicious than conventional protein sources.

This product is NOT A MEAT SUBSTITUTE, but rather, a better meat.

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Extra 10% Protein
per Chicken

Chemically, chicken feathers are composed of approximately 91% protein (keratin) which contains up to eight types of essential amino acids that we require as part of a healthy diet. It has been proven that keratin protein from feathers is safe for general consumption within our daily diet.

The high level of antioxidant in Keratin powder is equivalence in strawberries. Antioxidants, can prevent damage the cells, and promote anticancer activities.

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"Designer Meat"

Texture in food is conducted by low melting point and dissolvability speed of fat.

All selected food binders that sculpting this alternative protein were having a lower melting points than human body temperature and low in sugar and sodium content.

Under these circumstances,
the physical and chemical aspects of the making could finally contribute melt-in-the-mouth texture substituted fat in food and tricked our sensory of food perception to be more enjoyable with this zero-fat protein.


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A  Nose-to-Tail diet has often been a necessity throughout human history. It allowed our ancestors to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from each animal.

Nose-to-Tail has recently made a return to society. It is considered to be a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Kera follows this same principle: extracting the maximum amount of protein from each chicken. This is particularly significant considering the abundance of chicken feathers and the large amounts of protein they contain.

Kera is Nose-to-Tail.

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